Barack Obama Videos

MC Yogi tells it like it isCheck out this new video by MC Yogi... great talent!

Watch the amazing video by MC Yogi!




Spike Lee endorses Barack ObamaSpike Lee endorses Brack Obama for President

Listen to Spike Lee discuss the upcoming election and why he supports Obama/Biden.




Oprah Winfrey supports Brack Obama for PresidentOprah Winfrey supports Brack Obama for President

Listen to Oprah Winfrey discuss why she thinks barack Obama is the best choice in 2008.




Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino support Obama for presidentTom Hanks supports Barack Obama for President

Listen to Tom Hanks deliver a personal message about why he supports Barack Obama.




Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino support Obama for presidentRobert DeNiro and Al Pacino support Obama for president

Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino discuss the reaosns they support Barack Obama for President in 2008.




Students weigh in on Joe BidenStudents weigh in on Hometown Joe Biden

Listen to some hometown students talk about what they think of Joe Biden and the 2008 Obama campaign for President.




ACORN Grassroots Democracy CampaignACORN Grassroots Democracy Campaign

Learn about the grassroots campaign to fight for real change in our communities.




Eddie Vedder sings "No More"Eddie Vedder sings "No More"

Eddie Vedder performs the anti-war song inspired by Iraq War veteran Tomas Young's story in the documentary, "Body of War."




'A More Perfect Union' "A More Perfect Union" 3-18-08

Barack Obama speaks in Philadelphia, PA on matters not just of race and recent remarks but of the fundamental path by which America can work together to pursue a better future.


Women For Obama 08Women For Obama '08 (in Spanish)

Women from all parts of the country submitted photos to be included in this ilm montage supporting Barack Obama.



Yes We Can

See the video that delivers that puts music to Barack Obama's positive message of hope. Viewed over 5 million times on YouTube.



Barack Obama: Yes We Can

The inspiration for the music video "Yes We Can," Obama's speech in New Hampshire moved many minds and hearts.



Barack Obama's Plans for 2008

Barack talks about his decision to enter the presidential race and how he plans to change Washington.



Barack Obama in Casper, WY

Barack holds a town hall meeting in Casper Wyoming on March 7th, 2008.




Barackapella - Yes We Can

Students from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon sing the now famous song, "Yes We Can."



Keynote Speech at 2004 DNC

See Barack Obama give the popular speech that introduced him to most of America and thrust him into the national spotlight.



Barack Obama on Charlie Rose

See Barack up close and personal during an hour long interview with Charlie Rose.