Wednesday, April 30, 2008

That's it, Folks... Keep Your Eyes Off the Ball

Unfortunately Senator Obama's opponents, seen an unseen, have been winning the dirty war of political spin. Make no mistake, no one said it would be easy for Barack Obama. Of course, we are talking about the biggest stage in the entire world. The most powerful office in the land. Did we think Hillary would roll over and give it away? Do we think the Republican Party will be any less vicious in its character assassination attempts that are sure to come?

Make no mistake, this contest is for ALL the marbles. And to win it, ALL stops will be pulled. So far we are being bombarded with this nuisance of a minister in Chicago who just won't seem to go away. Reverend Wrong. Wrong for his message, Wrong for his opportunistic timing, and Wrong for representing the divisiveness much of America feels exists between our diverse communities.

We're spending billions of dollars at war, our economy is slowing, and many are faced with huge economic hardships. At a time like this, we should be talking to each other and finding real solutions to these problems. Remember that one man is trying to reach out and solve these problems.

Only the Powers That Be won't let you hear his message.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Game: Obama vs. Hillary

On the news today it's just more Obama vs. Hillary. Hillary's accusing Barack of being elitist, while he points out she sounded like "Annie Oakley... packin' a six shooter!"

Well, if that's the way we're going to finish this thing, let's do it right here and now. Settle this Democratic ticket the old fashioned way:

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Game: Presidential Paintball!

Things have been a little slow lately... did someone say Presidential Paintball? Pick any candidate you want (some have since dropped out) and take him or her to the end of the election. Godspeed.