Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hillary Does it Rambo Style

Hillary Clinton travelled to war-torn Bosnia back in 1996. She's been telling folks that she "landed under sniper fire." She also explains that her entourage had to "run with their heads down" and the welcoming ceremony had to be cancelled due to the chaos around them.

We searched long and hard, and finally we found some video footage from this impressive and dangerous mission:

We can't figure out how she made it out of there in one piece.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Propaganda Emails- Freedom

With the upcoming election I have noticed an increase in the amount of emails circulating that like to use all types of tricks to persuade people who can't think for themselves. I have decided that I will start sharing some of these as they come in...

This morning I received an email titled "Freedom is Worth Fighting For." Here is the text included in the message:

Yes I have deleted much of those words that were said above this message, but when I read and re read the below I thought it said it all.. It will only take you a minute to pass this along if you wish to do so, if not that is fine, but remember these words.

"Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction. We didn't pass it to our children in their bloodstream. It must be fought for, protected, and handed on for them to do the same, or one day we will spend our sunset years telling our children and our children's children what it was once like in the United States where men were free"
-Ronald Reagan

This email was sent to me by someone who knows I am supporting Senator Obama for president. I guess the intended message was that Barack Obama, or Democrats in general, miss this point on national security, as if they don't realize the importance of protecting our country and our freedoms worldwide. Maybe I was supposed to think that only Republicans could defend our freedoms.

Whatever the intended message, this email came off sounding like a grandfather talking to a small child about the importance of freedom and the costs of such liberty. Although I agree with the statement, that's as far as it goes. I won't stretch the quote so far as to use it to promote one candidate or another. That's just silly. Any person running for President of the United States of America already has a good grasp on this concept. Otherwise there's no chance people vote for them.

Are people really believing otherwise after reading emails such as this one? If so, it's sad to see how easy people are manipulated.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Family Fights Over Democratic Primary

In case anyone missed it:

It's Clinton, Not Obama. No, It's Obama!
Feb 27, 2008

NORRISTOWN, Pa. (AP) — Montgomery County authorities say a man stabbed his brother-in-law during an argument over who should get the Democratic nomination for president. What's more, Jose Ortiz, 28, who's charged with felony assault, is a registered Republican.
District Attorney Risa Ferman said Ortiz supports Hillary Clinton and Sean Shurelds supports Barack Obama. She told reporters Monday that the two got into an argument in a Collegeville home Thursday night and Shurelds tried to choke Ortiz. She says Ortiz then stabbed Shurelds in the abdomen.
Shurelds was taken to a hospital in critical condition, but is expected to recover.
(from the Associated Press - link)

Let's try to keep our heads and remain civil through this whole process, shall we?

Obama Retains Delegate Lead

Barack Obama currently has 1,611 total delegates. Of those delegates 1,404 are pledged, and 207 are from Democratic party superdelegates. Democratic candidates need 2,025 to win their party's nomination.

At this point Hillary Clinton is in not too distant second place with 1,480 total delegates (1,243 pledged, 237 superdelegates.)

The next primary contest between the two candidates will be in Pennsylvania on April 22, 2008. Only forty days left... get your popcorn ready.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mississippi on Board

Barack Obama says it's another win in his column. CNN declared Obama victorious in today's Mississippi primary.

Barack's own comments on the victory:

"I am grateful to the people of Mississippi for joining the millions of Americans from every corner of the country who have chosen to turn the page on the failed politics of the past and embrace our movement for change. Americans need a President in Washington who will bridge our differences instead of exploit them, take on the lobbyists instead of taking their money, and concentrate on fighting for your future instead of their own. That’s what I’ve done over the course of my two decades of public service, and that’s the message I’ll bring to Americans in the remaining ten contests left in this nominating process. "

-from Barack's website.

Hillary Clinton Backs Barack Obama?

Hillary Clinton's "3am" commercial that aired in TX last week deserves another look. The commercial is a remake of a 1984 commercial run by Walter Mondale in his campaign against primary opponent Gary Hart. The commercial suggested then that Hart wasn't ready to handle the awesome responsibility that comes with the highest office in the land, just like Clinton's version suggests that Barack Obama isn't experienced enough to answer that phone. She's even said that John McCain is more ready than senator Obama to be our commander in chief.

Strange words to be coming from Hillary Clinton right now.

Last week former president Bill Clinton commented that he thought a Clinton/Obama ticket would be a 'super ticket.' The idea is on the minds of many Democrats, but it's not new. Many Obama supporters would like to see Hillary as Obama's running mate and vice versa. Can the ticket win in a landslide? That's debatable and would remain to be seen, but who knows.

Hillary Clinton has even commented that she thought the ticket sounded like a good idea. Of course, she's naturally thinking that she should be the presidential nominee. Then she would accept Barack Obama as her running mate, for the office of the Vice Presidency of the United States of America.

So which position are you going to take, Mrs. Clinton? First you tell me that Senator Obama is too inexperienced to be our commander in chief. Then you tell me that you think it's a good idea that he be first in line for the job should anything ever happen to the President.

Sounds more like an accidental recommendation than an intended insult.

However this week as the 'super-ticket' idea continues to raise interest, former president Bill Clinton commented

Monday, March 10, 2008

Why Barack Obama Could Be Our Next President

One thing has been made crystal clear in the last few months. Barack Obama has captured the minds, hearts and hopes of citizens from coast to coast. Americans are tired of poor performance from our Executive branch. The presidency should be reserved for those who can lead competently while inspiring all of us to keep reaching for our goals. Barack Obama can do just that, and supporters across the country believe he's the first candidate in over a decade who will breathe fresh air into the White House and bring fresh ideas to the nation.

The movement to elect Obama has reached spectacular heights. In February the Obama Campaign received over $55 million from public support - 90% of which was from donations of $100 or less. This amazing show of support is the largest ever for a candidate in one month, and it's part of the clear message from the country: "We believe in this guy. He's smart, he's trustworthy, and he has bold ideas for our country. We want him to lead us."

This is a movement that won't put up with more of the same. John McCain, while a great war hero, intends to continue many of George Bush's plans, potentially keeping us in Iraq and Afghanistan for many years to come. Not only is this not acceptable, it's just plain scary.

Obama has inspired younger voters to be more active in the 2008 presidential campaign. Sure, younger voters ought to be concerned with this election. Afterall, it's the younger voters who are going to be paying the most for our current multi-trillion dollar war and numerous other mistakes by the current administration.

Support for the Illinois Senator's campaign increases daily. Obama supporters are getting to the polls in large numbers. Americans are ready for a real change. They are excited about Barack Obama leading this great nation. People are really exhausted by the last seven years of George Bush and his infamous administration. Over the last seven years we've seen one scandal or political trick or mismanagement after another.

We're ready to move forward. We're sick of politics as usual. It's time to once again take charge of our great nation and achieve greatness.