Monday, October 20, 2008

The Obama Election Blog

It seems apparent that we may be facing yet another election day calamity. Eight years after the Supreme Court made its ruling, effectively handing George W. the Presidency, we may see problems with new machines in place and a record numbers of newly registered voters overwhelming poll places. Such a series of issues may convolute the entire election process and skew votes in favor of John McCain. This concern at a time when Obama is enjoying his highest "favorability" ratings seems very out of place but it is a very real problem.

The majority of US voters will be using new machines and many states have implemented new election databases intent on reducing voter fraud. These systems do not have all the bugs worked out of them and serious problems are expected by some observers. "You change systems and throw in lots of new voters and you can plan to be up the proverbial creek," says voting consultant Kimball Brace. In 2000 the major issue, many will remember, concerned the now infamous "hanging chads" in Broward County, Florida.

In addition, despite that it has been proven statistically that the more negative campaign typically loses, John McCain has played into the idea that he can win through voter intimidation and voter suppression. In an interesting twist, McCain has enlisted the help of a firm in California, Lincoln Strategy, which has been investigated on multiple occasions for suppressing Democratic voter turnout. This, in light of the recent smear of ACORN, a ploy to link the Obama campaign yet again to some ambiguous and dubious scheme to deceive the American public, coupled with the McCain robocallers, lend further proof that the GOP plans to stop at nothing to keep control of the White House.

Thus with so many undecided voters in crucial swing states, it is entirely possible we may see a replay of 2000, with the highest court in the land once again deciding the Presidential election victor. There have been two recent additions to the Supreme Court by current President Bush which will undoubtedly lend a GOP bend to any decision. Can we trust them to get it right this time?

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