Friday, October 17, 2008

"Joe the Plumber", Not Your Everyday Guy

What we have here is a failure to communicate.

Many are worried, especially after the last debate that our taxes may increase, our wealth will be spread around, the sky will fall and the world as we know it will end. This is the GOP strategy at its best (minus Karl Rove and the 2004 swift boat campaign that took out John Kerry).

Fear not, my friends (to steal a line from the Maverick himself), this is not the end of days. What it is, though, is an opportunity to set the record straight. First, Joe the Plumber turns out to be an unlicensed worker that will have to now (thanks to John McCain) attend certification classes to actually become a plumber and will have to pay the $1,200 in back taxes, which he owes to the state of Ohio. He is also a man thrust into an unwanted spotlight, mocked by many on and hounded by the McCain campaign to appear at rallies - until it became increasingly apparent that he was nothing more than another GOP opportunist. We are not saying that we relish in his undoing, despite the fact that he soared from obscurity in his attempt to catch Obama off guard and to ask him a truly disingenuous question about a business he never had any intention to assume. Now we know he was nothing more than a mere man from a segment of society that appears to be upset with the idea that one man can make a difference.

Fear not my friends, this archetype is far and few between. As we move closer to the eventual day when history is made, such pronouncements become lost in our collective past of bad campaigning. Soon the day will come when we can wake up and not see the stock market wildly swing 1,000 points. Actually, this is a time of great opportunity. Let us take advantage of the moment and "buy low". Allow me to implore my fellow American to to reinvest in America by not only buying stock in Wall Street but by voting Obama as POTUS; despite your party status, we all have a right to be prosperous.

Anxious people are difficult to be around. They do not learn well, they’re not adaptable, and they’re obsessed with the worst possible scenario. They’re not good at seeing any point of view beyond their own distress and fear, and they become experts at raining on parades. That is what John McCain, and the GOP party have been selling for eight years.

There are options. One especially, starts on November 4th.

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