Saturday, October 18, 2008

Barack Obama, The New American Experiment

Barack Obama made a deeply symbolic gesture today when he spoke in St. Louis. The pioneer spirit for this historic campaign, his Manifest Destiny, is alive and strong.

Today's rally in St. Louis is just another step towards the White House for Barack Obama. His speech, in the shadow of the Gateway Arch, the point of departure for America's pioneers in the 18th century, who set out to make this country great, became the portal to the future for the United States. Today Obama made that clear.

His decision to hold a rally at the Gateway holds many meanings for many different people. Collectively, it gives a sense of rebirth, a chance for starting over, a chance for renewed hope. The symbolism, not lost on anyone who attended, is a defining moment in this year's election. Like the homesteaders of old, with Barack Obama we stake a claim on our nation's future. Now is the time for true change and true leadership.

Obama, taken back by the staggering number of attendees, could only utter the words "Wow". The 100,000 people represented the largest domestic crowd he has ever assembled. And he drew another 75,000 a few hours later in Kansas City. His best line of the day came as a defense to the ever vigil McCain camp, which criticized his tax cut proposal, when he said, "John McCain is so out of touch with the struggles you are facing, he must be the first politician in history to call a tax cut for working people 'welfare'. George Bush and John McCain are out of ideas, they are out of touch, and if you stand with me in 17 days they'll be out of time."

In the coming weeks McCain will have to work exceptionally hard to have any chance of overcoming the forces of nature Senator Obama has put into motion. This historic campaign is one of the great moments in history and his eventual victory, come November 4th, will solidify our nation's future as a great one.

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OpenID vercellonopace said...

The information on Barack speaking in St. Louis was awesome. I am from St. Louis and to hear that the turnout was 100,000, I must say that Barack is speaking to the people's hearts. I believe a 100,000 turnout for St. Louis is a move of the spirit. Not being condescending at all, but seeing the affect motivation and inspiration have on a people looking for hope in this serious crisis.

Sandra V.

October 19, 2008  

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